DIY Baby Shower with Floral Crowns and a Free Printable

I feel so fortunate to live in a neighborhood full of strong, beautiful women and I’m so blessed to call them my friends!  One of our neighbors is expecting a baby girl in a few short weeks.  She already has a 2 year old boy, so we wanted to throw her a surprise “Sprinkle” to make sure she has some girly stuff for when the little lady comes!  I cannot tell you how much fun this was to plan and execute.    We spent a lot of time looking for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, and came up with a few ideas of our own.  We kept seeing beautiful floral crowns on Instagram and were throwing around the idea of having them at our party.   We decided…. why the heck not?!  And gave them a go!  

SO glad we did!  Cute, right?!  They were such a hit!

Ok, let’s get into how I made these.

I browsed Afloral’s website and ended up ordering Baby’s Breath Garland,  Pink Ranunculus, and Apple Blossoms.

I already had some Floral Tape, Floral Wire, and Wire Cutters.

I started by wrapping the wire around the crown of my head.  I went around twice to make the wire a little sturdier, and twisted the ends of the wire to secure it.

I wrapped the twisted wire with floral tape to make sure it wouldn’t come undone, and also to cover up the sharp ends of the wire.

Once the crown was formed from my wire, I began to cut flowers off of their bushes.  I left 1-2″ of stem on each flower.

I placed the stem of the flower on the wire form and wrapped floral tape around the stem and wire to secure them together.

I made sure to tightly wrap the tape so the flower didn’t slip out.

I placed another flower next to the one I just taped and repeated the process.

I thought it was cute to have a bigger section of pink flowers in front and finish the rest of the crown with Baby’s Breath, but you can design it however you want!

I scoured Pinterest for a cute sign or quote I could use to display the wreaths, and literally I could not find ONE thing.

Ultimately, I decided to make my own and had it say:   “Little Girls Are Life’s Little Flowers, Grab A Crown And Enjoy the Shower”.  I’ve made it a free printable for you to use, too!  Just click below, print, and put in an 8×10 frame!


My neighbor, Margie, has a great backyard, so we knew it would be a perfect place to throw the shower.

Here’s what her back patio normally looks like:

And here’s what we did with it:

Such a change, right?!  Everyone chipped in and brought gorgeous desserts, appetizers, flowers and fun decorations!  The whole day came together beautifully.

My neighbor, Diana, bought plain cupcakes and spruced them up by adding flowers and edible glitter dust!

I did the chalkboard letters using chalk markers and this tutorial I showed you a while back on “How to do Chalkboard Lettering” (if you have no artistic ability, that post is a must read!).

I made the “Balloon Arch” using helium filled balloons, a long ribbon and Balloon Clips.  I took the end of each balloon (where the knot is tied) and clipped it on the the ribbon using the Balloon Clips.  I clipped the balloons all fairly close together, and weighted down the two ends of the ribbon using Balloon Weights.  So simple and makes a great backdrop on a table!

Margie busted out her fancy china and WOW did it make a difference!  It totally transformed the table.  I had major heart eyes the moment I saw it!  She also painted mason jars pink for fun centerpieces.  #obsessed

We were going to hand make a banner, but ran out of time, so decided to snag this one on Amazon.  It was so quick to put together, and super cute!  Major time saver.

Everyone had a great time, and we cannot wait to meet this little miss in a few weeks!

Disclaimer:  I partnered with Afloral to bring you this post.  All photography and opinions are 100% my own and not influenced by Afloral.  Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog!


8 thoughts on “DIY Baby Shower with Floral Crowns and a Free Printable

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness those flower crowns could not be any cuter!! I absolutely love the flowers you chose and afloral has the best selection! Just the sweetest little sprinkle. I love all of your decorations, too!

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