DIY Botanical Wall Art

After I posted my Master Bedroom Makeover last week, I was overwhelmed with the positive response I received from my readers, so I just want to say THANK YOU!  I really love hearing from you through email, comments, and social media – so please keep ’em coming!  I also received a lot of questions on the wall art I chose – so I am VERY excited to show you how to make your own Botanical Wall Art!  I honestly cannot stress enough how easy this project is, and the impact it makes on a room. I was so happy with the outcome, and I know you will be too!


I found these frames on and immediately fell in love.  They were exactly what I had in mind for the space.  When they arrived, they were everything I’d hoped they would be!  I love that they are clear glass on both sides.  I chose Sherwin-Williams Aesthetic White to paint our master bedroom, and I’m obsessed with the color – so I was thrilled that we would still be able to see the paint color through the frames.

I picked these ferns for the two outside frames (there are 3 ferns per bundle, so I only needed 1 bundle), and these palms for the inside frames.  The palms come in a bush, so again, one bush was more than enough for this project.

There is a latch on the top and hinges at the bottom of the frame to hold the top together.  I undid the latch and opened the frame.

I placed my faux plant on top of the glass, folded the frame back up, and closed the latch.  THAT’S IT.  No glue, no mess, nothing!  Once the latch is closed, the faux plants stay put!  Talk about an easy DIY!

Quick tip: When you’re picking your plants, try not to go too thick – thinner is better for this project, so you can get the latch to close again.  

I kept mine simple to fit the room, but there are SO many possibilities with this project – and that’s the fun part!

This was such a fun project to do, and really added a lot to the room!  To get all the details on the rest of the room, be sure to check out my Master Bedroom Makeover or Shop the Space here:

A big thank you to for providing me products for this project!

36 thoughts on “DIY Botanical Wall Art

  1. Cristina says:

    This looks so nice. My bed isn`t as big as yours, but I think this wall art would look good also in the living room, or on the walls next to the stairs. Great idea!

  2. annie thompson says:

    your room looks amazing! i love the fern prints! i never would have thought of using them! now i need to go check afloral out because now i have it on my mind that i need to do a botanical gallery wall in my house!

  3. Sandra Garth says:

    It doesn’t get much easier than this! I love this idea and have the perfect spot for these. Thank you for sharing with us at Celebrate Your Story, and I hope you’re having a great weekend.

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