DIY Wreath Wine Charms

DIY Wreath Wine Charms

Wine is always my go-to drink at holiday parties, and I know it is for many others too!  I’m the master at losing my drink or stealing someone else’s and awkwardly handing it back to them after downing half their glass. #yikes  I love love love when there are wine charms to keep tabs on my own glass, so I decided to get a little festive and came up with these fun DIY Wreath Wine Charms for all those upcoming Christmas Parties!

I found some “Pine Stem” pipe cleaners at Hobby Lobby and I was SOLD.  I knew I could come up with something with these beauties.


I found similar ones here on Amazon.

I always have a ton of ribbon laying around, so I grabbed my most Christmas-y ones to use for this project.


And of course, my wine glasses.


I started by cutting the pipe cleaner pine stems in half.


Once I had them in half, I cut two pieces of ribbon and tied one piece on each end of the pipe cleaner.


I formed the pipe cleaner into a circle, and put it around one of my wine glasses.


Then I tied the two pieces of ribbon into a bow.


I made more mini wreaths with different colors/patterns of ribbon so that each person can have a unique wine charm.   Once the party is over, it’s easy to untie the ribbon and store with your wine glasses to use again for another party!




Cheers and Happy Holidays!  Enjoy!


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