DIY Fall Flannel Coasters

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I am so excited for boots, flannel shirts, chilly nights, bonfires and pumpkin everything!  I LOVE fall so much, so I wanted to start out September with a fun easy fall project!  These Fall Flannel Coasters literally took me a half hour tops – and they’re sure to get you in the fall mood!  


I picked up these plain cork coasters and Jo-Ann Fabric for $2 a pack (I bought 2 packs).


I found this flannel fabric for 50% off – so I ended up spending about $7 total for the coasters and fabric!


I cut a square of fabric so I had about an inch on each side of the coaster.


Then, I hot glued the edges down to the back of the coaster.


Here’s what it looked like when I was done hot gluing the edges down.  It was fine – but I didn’t like how unfinished it looked, so I took another piece of fabric (I had plain denim in my craft closet) and folded the edges under and ironed them so they looked “finished” (Quick tip: I use my flat iron that I use for my hair on fabric a lot – I think it’s so much easier than working with a big iron!).


Then I hot glued the denim square to the back of the coaster.



And that was it!

Fall Flannel Coasters

So easy and festive, right?!

DIY Fall Flannel Coasters

Happy Fall!

8 thoughts on “DIY Fall Flannel Coasters

  1. Kim says:

    Love these coasters! Fast ‘n’ easy, pretty, unique, absorbent, endless design and color possibilities!
    Another idea for finishing the back of a coaster is to glue on another piece of cork instead of fabric. It does require buying twice the amount of cork – an additional $4.00. However, the coasters lay flatter and the cork adds another layer of moisture protection for your tables.

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