Wainscoting Reveal

Wainscoting Reveal

It’s been a loooooong week of prepping, sanding, painting and cleaning… but we are D. O. N. E!  We are thrilled to have our house put back together and be able to USE it again!  We are also in love with how our wainscoting and paint color turned out in all THREE rooms and  I’m so excited to share it with you today!

If you read my Wainscoting Progress post last week, you saw some “before” pictures, but I’ll refresh your memory.

We did work in our dining room, living room, and family room – we had wainscoting installed and painted, and painted the top wall of all three rooms in just under a week.  Whew!

The top wall color we used for all three rooms is Sherwin Williams Light French Gray, and we really love it.  It’s light, bright and fresh – just what we were going for!

Here are some “progress” pictures of the dining room:

Dining Room

Dining Room with wainscoting



And here is the dining room REVEAL!

dining room

dining room with wainscoting

I love how light and fresh it looks!

Ok, now on to the living room….

liv room

liv room wainscoting

liv room wainscoting white

Joe Painting

And the living room reveal….  DRUMROLL…..

Living Room Reveal

We love it! It gives it a whole different feel.

Our dining room flows right into our living room, but out family room is completely separate from the two.  We love unity throughout the house, so we did the same style/paint color for the family room.  Here are some progress pictures of the family room:

family toom

family room with pained wainscoting

family room with painted wainscoting1

And the family room reveal!

family room finished

family room - fireplace

So there ya have it… the big “Three Room Reveal”!   A BIG project, but we absolutely love it!

What do you think??  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


22 thoughts on “Wainscoting Reveal

    • The Cofran Home says:

      Thank you! I’m pretty sure Joe would start twitching if I even mention the word “paintbrush” to him right now. Ha!

  1. Jim Lamb says:

    You certainly did a great job! As a designer, there are a few things that “jumped” out at me…would you be insulted if I gave you a bit of advice?

    I do not wand to diminish your super work.

    • The Cofran Home says:

      Thanks, Jim! I would not be insulted, I’d be happy to take some advice! I certainly enjoy designing and decorating, but I am not trained in it. I am a financial analyst doing this as a hobby. I welcome your feedback! 🙂

  2. Shawnda Pauig says:

    I have been trying to decide on that very paint color myself for our upcoming renovation. I am not a fan of gray though and was afraid it would look too “cold”. You have proven me wrong!! It is fresh, clean and yes, even inviting!
    Y’all did a great job! Congratulations on your renovation well done and completed.😃

    • The Cofran Home says:

      Thank you so much, Shawnda! My husband had the same thoughts on gray. I was able to talk him into it, and he said the same thing – he was pleasantly surprised!

  3. Renee Thomsen says:

    Your home is lovely and inviting. It makes me want to come over and curl up on your sofas with a cup of coffee! With your walls gray, it really brightens the space so much. Good job!

  4. jan says:

    :You and hubby did an amazing job. I was on the fence with upgrading my dining/living room with wainscoting but it is REALLY impressive and adds value to your home…Big bang for the buck.
    I will research the sprayer as well. anything to make the painting flawless.

    • The Cofran Home says:

      Thanks so much, Jan! You should definitely go for it. We’re so happy with how it came out. My neighbor is a professional painter, and he has the Graco 390 Paint Sprayer. It’s pretty pricey, but I’m sure you can find less expensive ones that will still do a good job! Good luck!

  5. Amie VV says:

    Looks great! That must’ve taken a lot of time! And how on earth did you do it with 2 little ones running around?? Can you come do my house??? 😜

  6. Judith says:

    dida great job. Your ceilings look low, are they or is it just the pictures. Our ceilings are 12 ft and everyone thinks it would make the room crowded.

    • The Cofran Home says:

      Yes! Our ceilings are pretty low (I think 8 ft?) Our house is old – built in 1974, everything has just been gutted and renovated. I would LOVE to raise the ceilings, but that’s another big project to tackle… Yikes!

    • Jim Lamb says:

      If your ceilings are 12 feet, there is no way that adding wainscoting is going to make the room look “crowded”! Some of the 70’s houses have 8′ ceilings. The more expensive houses have
      10 ‘ ceilings…If yours are 12, you are very lucky.
      Go for the wainscoting. Paint it white and use a nice strong color on the walls. DO NOT be
      afraid of color…and do not listen to anyone who says that it will look crowded. The do not
      know what they are talking about!!!

      • The Cofran Home says:

        You’re right, Jim! My ceilings are low- they are 8 ft. My house was built in ’74. I don’t think the wainscoting makes it look crowded at all, though. Judith – you should go for it!

  7. liz says:

    I just discovered your blog from Make It Pretty at The Dedicated House and am so happy I did! I have finally convinced my husband to add wainscoting to several of our rooms, but it was this post that helped seal the deal – he absolutely loved the transformation. Thanks so much for sharing .

    • The Cofran Home says:

      Aw, thanks so much Liz! Good job convincing the hubby! I know how hard it can be. They can’t quite see our “vision” no matter how many times we tell them how great it will look. Any tips on convincing mine to white wash the fireplace? 😉

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