DIY Birthday Present Topper

DIY Birthday Present Topper

I love getting creative with gift wrapping – especially with kids’ gifts.  It’s so fun!  This past weekend was my niece’s 9th birthday.  While I was wrapping the gift, I couldn’t get the bow just the way I wanted it (most people they just tie the darn thing and move on – but I’m OCD about this kind of stuff).  So, I decided to completely scrap the bow and try something else.

I had picked up super cute party hats and party blowers from Target for $5 a few weeks ago (for no occasion in particular – I just pick things up when I think they’re cute and I could potentially do something with them).   You can’t beat $5!    #TargetDoesItAgain, am I right?!

party hats and blowers

So I grabbed the party blowers and started taping them on the gift.   Once I had the party blowers on there how I wanted them, I grabbed one party hat and taped it on top in the middle.

top of present1

I think it turned out cute!  After the gifts were opened, the kids ran around making noise with the party blowers and having a blast!  I was glad my “bow” was able to be used after the gifts were opened (instead of tossed in the garbage with the rest of the wrapping paper and other bows).

birthday present

For about the same price as a “classic bow”, I was able to make a festive birthday gift topper for a little more birthday fun!

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