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DIY End Tables with text

Joe (my husband) and I were on the hunt for end tables for our living room for literally… years!  We could not find anything that we absolutely LOVED,  so we started talking and decided to take on the project to make our own!  We had just finished our Coat Rack With Hooks and really enjoyed doing projects together, so we thought…  why not?  It couldn’t be that hard, right??  😉    And it actually turned out to be a lot of work fun!

We started by heading to Menard’s to pick up wood (we bought oak).  Joe had made a sketch with accurate proportions and figured out how big each piece needed to be to fit our room perfectly.  He then measured out where to cut the pieces.  We did two identical end tables, so there was two of everything.   We cut and sanded each piece, whew!   A lot of the sanding was by hand, but we do own an electric sander which helped us out a ton.  We ended up using a router and sanding the edges so they were more rounded instead of having hard, sharp edges.  It was more work, but we thought it looked much more professional.

We kept the design very simple and classic because 1.) it was all we could handle! and 2.)  the design of our house is simple so we wanted the tables to flow nicely (but really… it was all we could handle – ha!).

End Table Pieces

After all the pieces were cut and sanded, we stained the wood.  The stain we used was Varathane  Premium Wood Stain and the color we picked was Espresso.

End Table Pieces Stained

Once everything was stained and dry, we were ready to put the table together.  We used brackets, screws and wood glue to hold each piece together.  It worked really well because the tables are definitely very sturdy!

End Table Assembled in garage

The last thing we did was put protector pads under the legs of the table to keep them from scratching our wood floors.

End Table

So there ya go.

It took us longer than we had anticipated, but we absolutely love them!  I wouldn’t change a thing.  I’m so glad we decided to tackle this project together.  I couldn’t be happier!  What do you think??

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