Kid’s Art Supply Storage

Kid's Art Supply Storage

It always seemed like my kids’ art supplies were ending up everywhere these days because we didn’t have a good storage solution for them.  We had them up high in a closet in a Tupperware bin  that my kids couldn’t reach to put away when they were done with them.

I decided to revamp the art supply organization in my kids’ play room and go with an easier solution.  This way they’re able to easily access their art supplies, and easily able clean them up when they’re done (most importantly!)

I picked up some hooks at Target for $3/each and scored some buckets in the Target Dollar Spot!  $1/bucket – can’t beat it!

buckets and hooks

First, I attached the hooks to the wall.

Drilling Holes

Screw Driver

See how much fun we’re having?

*I’ve gotten a lot of questions on the letters in the background – you can get them here:

hooks on the wall

Then, all I did was hang the Target Dollar Spot buckets and store my kids’ art supplies inside.

Finished Storage1

buckets on the wall1

How easy is that?  Cute and functional – my husband was even on board!

16 thoughts on “Kid’s Art Supply Storage

  1. Lura says:

    Hey! Not just for kids – I’m thinking this is a great idea for my hobby room. Much cheaper than lot of my storage solutions and better looking…

    • The Cofran Home says:

      Thanks, Lura! Definitely not just for kids, you’re right! It’ll be perfect in your hobby room- great idea!

  2. Vanessa says:

    I love this idea. But my question is about the ABC’s on the wall in the background. Are those stenciled on or stickers?

  3. Emily says:

    This is such a great idea, and so simple to do yourself! Thanks for linking up with Creative Spark. I chose your project for one of my feature picks this week. Our party goes live at 6am EST tomorrow; we’d love to have you stop by and link up again!

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