DIY Tissue Tassel Tutorial

DIY Tissue Tassel Tutorial

In my last post, The “Free Printable Valentine’s Banner”, I promised I would do a tutorial on the tissue paper tassels I made.

They are SO easy, and are a great way to spruce up your house for a holiday, or add a little something to your party!

First you’ll need to pick out your tissue paper. I grabbed some mylar, too, (in the tissue paper section of any craft store) to add a few shiny tassels to my collection.

tissue paper

Next, grab one piece of tissue paper and fold it in half.  Cut slits about 1/2 inch apart (they do not need to be exact) all the way across your tissue paper.  Make sure not to go all the way to the top – leave a few inches of uncut tissue paper at the top of your slits.

tissue folded

Unfold the tissue paper.

tissue cut

Then, start at one end of your tissue paper and roll up the tissue paper all the way to the other end.

tissue rolled up

Twist the middle pretty tight and fold it in half.  Then twist the top together to make a loop at the top of the tassel.

tissue tassel complete

I taped the top so it would stay.

Then, repeat until you have all the tassels you want!  You can hang the tassels through a string by using the loop at the top.  I used twine and clothes pins to hang these because I wanted it to match the banner.

be mine

Cute, right?



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