DIY Paint Pen Coffee Mug

DIY Paint Pen Coffee Mug

You can never have enough coffee mugs! #amiright?!

This SUPER easy project would be perfect for a housewarming gift, wedding shower gift (Bride’s initial on one mug, ampersand on one mug and Groom’s initial on one mug – would be so cute!), or to keep for yourself (that’s what I’m doing)!

What you’ll need:

  • A plain white ceramic mug (you can get one at any dollar store for cheap cheap cheap)
  • Letter or symbol printed out from your computer on regular computer paper
  • An X-acto blade
  • Double stick tape, or temporary spray adhesive
  • Paint Pen


I started by cutting out my “C” with the X-acto blade, and spraying the back with temporary spray adhesive.  I let it dry for a few minutes before I put it on the mug, so it wouldn’t be too sticky.  I wanted it just sticky enough to hold the letter on the mug temporarily.

Then I put the “C” on the mug.  I made sure the letter was centered.


Then all I did was put little dots all around the “C” with my paint pen.  I made them more condensed around the letter and gradually spaced them out as I got further away.   This looks and sounds like it would take a long time – but honestly, it took like 3 minutes, maximum.  When I was done with my paint pen I removed the paper “C”.

I put it in the oven and baked it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to set the paint.





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