Monogrammed Wood Slice Cheese Board

Monogrammed wood slice cheese board

My mom called me the other day and said she saw a really cute cheese board at Crate & Barrel.  She ended up finding it online and texted me the link.

This is the cheese board that she almost bought.

I called her up and told her – MOM, I can definitely make that.   Then she came up with the idea to make it monogrammed.  I was excited, inspired and immediately got to work!

I ran to Hobby Lobby and picked up a wood slice for $6.  I also picked up temporary spray adhesive.  I had spray paint, an X-Acto knife and polyurethane (to seal the wood) at home from other projects.  And that is ALL you need!

I started by making my stencil for the monogram.  I picked a font that would be easy to cut with an X-Acto knife, made it the size I wanted then printed it out on thicker paper.   Before I did it, I looked up monogram etiquette.  I learned that when doing a monogram for a married couple, the wife’s first name initial goes on the left, the married last name initial goes in the middle, and the husband’s first name initial goes on the right (in case you were wondering).


Then I carefully cut out the letters with my X-Acto knife.


Then I took the temporary spray adhesive and put a light coat on the back of my stencil.  I let it dry for a good minute or 2 before I put it on the wood.  The goal was to get it to stick enough so the paint wouldn’t leak under the paper, but not sticky enough to leave residue on the wood.   I stuck the stencil on the wood slice, then I spray painted the letters.



It worked!

I let the paint dry, then applied the polyurethane to seal the wood.  Since the wood was so soft, it absorbed the polyurethane A LOT so it took a good 4 coats to get it how I wanted it.


After the polyurethane dried completely, it was ready for use!



FullSizeRender copy

My mom was thrilled with how it came out!   I love it too.  Now I need to get started on one for myself!



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