How to Hang Wall Art Perfectly the First Time

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I am in the process of redoing the wall art in my dining room.  I’m taking it one step at a time (eventually the whole thing needs to be redone).

Here’s the main wall that I’m currently working on.


I’m just really really really over it.  I put it up when we moved into our house 5 years ago and now I’ve decided I’m ready to refresh.  And when I decide something, I need it to happen like… now.

I’ve been thinking that I want a mirror to be the focal point of the wall, and when I got an email from Pottery Barn saying mirrors were the “gift of the day” and they were all 20% off, I was sold.  I had a $10 off email they had just sent me, and I also had a gift card.  Triple score!

I ended up getting this mirror from Pottery Barn… and I LOVE it.

mirror in box

Yay. So the next step was to hang it.   My husband and I LOVE doing this “hanging secret”.  It works like a charm every time!

The first step is to flip the mirror over and cut a piece of paper the exact size of the mirror.

We have a giant roll of paper that we use ALL the time.  Our kids color on it, we use it for projects, we wrap gifts with it, it’s just great to have around. Here are a few different places to get big roll of paper:

Amazon, Pottery Barn Kids (This isn’t as wide as the other ones), Staples

And I’m sure there are a million other places to get them – I’ve seen them all over the place.

mirror with paper

mirror with paper1

Then when you have the paper cut to the exact size, make sure to mark where the hangers are on the paper.   You can feel through the paper where the back hangers are on the picture, so you will mark or punch a little hole where the nails will need to go.

Then, hold the piece of paper on the wall where the Wall Art will go.  Use your level to make sure the piece of paper is exactly level.  Then use masking tape to hold the paper on the wall once it’s level.

I double check the level again once I have taped the paper on the wall.

paper on wall with marks

Then put your nails in where you made your marks!  This particular mirror was very heavy, so we used anchors, too.  We just put the anchors right through the paper to make sure we got the spot exactly.

Once the nails are in, you can hang your wall art!  So easy!

Mirror hanging in kitchen

wall art

Now… the next order of business will be those wreaths. They have GOT to go.

I’m thinking of doing maybe a gallery wall around the mirror?  Or maybe something simple on either side of the mirror.  Not sure yet.  Open to suggestions!  What should I add??



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    Hello! I’ve been reading your site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out
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