How to do chalkboard lettering

how to do chalkboard letteringI did a few chalkboard signs for my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding and for a couple parties I’ve had here and there.  I’ve always gotten a lot of questions on how I do the lettering – so I thought I’d share a tutorial!

This picture above is from my brother’s wedding last July, but for this post I did a tutorial on a new sign for my kids’ playroom.

First, I grabbed one of my kids’ chalkboards and chalk and cleaned it up with water and a paper towel.



Next, I printed off the words I wanted, in the font I wanted, from my computer.   I laid them out on the chalkboard and taped them together when I got them just the way I wanted them.


Then I flipped the paper over and colored the back with chalk over where the letters were.  I made sure to get the chalk nice and thick on the back.

FullSizeRender copy

I put the paper back on the chalkboard and began to trace over the letters. You can use a pen or a pencil, just make sure you press hard while you’re tracing.  The goal is to transfer the chalk that you colored on the back of the paper onto the chalkboard exactly where you trace.




Then, I just filled in the letters with chalk.  On the boards that I did for the wedding and parties, I used chalk markers to fill in the lettering.  This makes it look very crisp and clean.  I figured for my kids’ playroom, I could use real chalk.  It makes it look more playful and not so perfect.  Good for a playroom.


The outer parts of the letters get a little messy from the chalk on the back of the paper, so I took a paint brush and dipped it in water to clean up the edges.


Then, I hung it up.



FullSizeRender copy 2

chalkboard finished

Easy enough, right?

These are great to do for birthday parties, weddings, home decor, whatever you want!

Hope this inspires you to chalk up some of your own! 😉



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