How to make any clip “No-Slip”

How to Make

My daughter has really fine hair, and it’s no secret that I love to accessorize.   I was having such a hard time with clips staying in her hair – they would immediately slide out.  But I wasn’t giving up on hair accessories that easy.

My husband had just added “no-slip” mats under our bathroom rugs.


And I was officially inspired.

I decided to take the extra “no-slip” material and put it to good use.


All you need for this is:

  • A clip
  • Scissors
  • “No-slip” Material for under rugs (you can get this at any hardware store)
  • Hot Glue Gun

All you need to do is cut the “No-Slip” material to the size of the top of the clip and hot glue it on.




Done! How easy is that?



And it stays put!  I did this to almost all her clips.  It makes such a difference!

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