EASY DIY Napkin Rings

Napkin Ring

My mom called me the other day and was asking where I thought she should go to get some cute napkin rings.  She said she had tried everywhere, and she couldn’t find any that she liked.

It really inspired me to try to make some!

I was looking around my house for things that would work, and I started with…. a toilet paper roll!


I cut it in 3 equal sized pieces.


I took one piece and covered it with wide burlap ribbon.  The same ribbon I used in my Rustic Fall Centerpiece Tutorial.  I hot glued the end of the ribbon to the piece of toilet paper roll, then was able to pull it tight and tuck the ends of the ribbon around the edges of the toilet paper roll.


I wrapped the ribbon all the way around the toilet paper roll, and glued the end of the ribbon over the same seem that I started with.  I put a few dabs of glue under the ribbon that was folded over the toilet paper roll, so that it would stay tucked in.


I had left over tulle from making a tutu for my daughter, so I grabbed some of that.


I cut a piece off and folded it a few times long ways.  I wrapped the folded tulle around my burlap covered toilet paper roll.  I hot glued the start and end of the tulle in the same place I started and ended the burlap ribbon.


I cut off the excess tulle.  The main part of the napkin ring was done, and I was ready to start on my embellishment: the tulle flower.

**Note: If you don’t want to  make a tulle flower, this would look just as cute with a button or other pre-made embellishment.  You can just glue it on the top of the ring and be done!

To make the tulle flower, I started with another long piece of tulle, and tied a loose knot at the end.


I put a dab of hot glue on the knot that I just made.


Then I just took the tulle and started twisting and wrapping it loosely around the knot, securing it by the hot glue.


I kept twisting, wrapping and gluing until I got the size flower that I wanted. I cut off the excess tulle, and hot glued a bead in the middle of my flower.


Then, I glued the tulle flower on the top of my burlap napkin ring.  I made sure the seem from the ribbon and tulle was on the bottom before I glued the flower on.



Then, make 5 more for a complete set!  What a great excuse to have a dinner party!  Another positive – you won’t get mad at your husband for not replacing the empty toilet paper roll!


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