DIY Thankful Banner

free-printableI love making banners for EV. ER. Y. TH. IN. G.   I make them for birthdays, holidays, Wednesdays… 😉  Seriously, everything.

The fall decor in my house is very neutral.  I don’t have Halloween specific decorations or any Thanksgiving specific decorations.  I tend to stick with neutral pumpkins, leaves, mums, etc. that will fit with both Halloween and Thanksgiving.  It’s nice because I can leave it up from September through November.  Now that Halloween is over, though, I felt like I wanted to add a little something more specific to Thanksgiving.

So… I decided to make a banner, and wanted to share it so you can make one too.

First, you’ll need to print out the letters for the banners here:

Banner T

Banner H

Banner A

Banner N

Banner K

Banner F

Banner U

Banner L

Here’s what the letters should look like when you’re done printing them:


Then, just cut them out.


I raided my kids’ construction paper stash and took out all the brown paper.   Some was used, so I flipped it over and the back was perfectly usable.  Any color will work, I just thought brown was neutral and very “fall”.   I taped the cut out letters to the construction paper and cut so there was just a small border around each letter.

FullSizeRender copy

Once each letter had a border, I laid them out on my floor upside down and in reverse order (so when you flip it over it reads “Thankful” correctly).  I taped twine (the same that I used in my Rustic Fall Centerpiece) to the back of each letter with masking tape.  If you do not want the string to show so much, I’ve also used my husbands fishing line before for past banners and it works really well!

FullSizeRender copy 2

You can see the paper that has been colored on by the kids (haha!)

After you’re done taping, you’re ready to hang it in your house!  I chose to hang it on the mantel above our fireplace.




Hope you enjoyed this banner project, and are able to make one for your home too!

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