DIY Floral Monogram

DIY Floral Monogram

My daughter’s room is always a work in progress for me (a very fun work in progress for me!).  Right now it is “butterflies and flowers” (she has this bedding from Pottery Barn Kids and some butterfly decals above her bed) and the walls are light green.   I love it because it’s so “her” but  I’m always looking to add little accessories here and there.   She is very in to spelling her name lately (and telling me that every A she sees is for “Abby”) – so I decided to surprise her with a little floral monogram to spruce up her room!  This “A” really IS for “Abby”! Continue reading

Wall Mounted Coat Rack With Hooks

Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Hooks

Living in a small(ish) house has it’s pros (less cleaning!) and it’s cons (less storage :/ ).   We use our front hallway closet as our main pantry and there is no other closet close to the door that we can use for coats.   We decided we needed to do something about it so we didn’t have to awkwardly put our guests’ coats on a chair or table in our living room every time we have people over. Continue reading

Free Printable Pilot Alphabet

Pilot Alphabet1

My husband is a pilot, so when we found out we were having a boy I automatically thought “Airplanes” for the theme of his nursery.  I was constantly on the lookout for airplane decor, maps, and anything I thought would compliment the theme.  I ended up finding a lot of great stuff (I have linked up sources in this post) – and I ended up making the Pilot Alphabet to add a personal touch.   Continue reading

DIY “What a Difference a Day Makes” Wall Art

What a difference a day makes


I asked my brother to create a print like this after my daughter was born.  He made me a super cute printable that I had hanging in my house for 2 years….  until my son was born.   I felt super bad walking past it every time because it didn’t have his birthday on it.  (I guess I didn’t feel THAT bad, since I’ve waited almost a year to do something about it…   But, hey.)

I didn’t want to ask my brother to make me another one (even though he would’ve done it in a heartbeat) so I decided to do something myself.   Continue reading