Free Printable “Bugs & Kisses” Bag Tags

Free Printable Bugs and Kisses Bag Tags

My daughter’s birthday is around Halloween and she’s always loved “Spooky Treats” for her birthday.  She’s only 4, so “spooky” is relative 😉  I made these little bags to bring in to her preschool class for her birthday treat – and she just loved them!


I found these adorable Halloween Hershey Kisses and these orange and black Spider Rings at Target (Or you can get them here on Amazon).

I already had plain plastic “goodie bags” at home.

I went home and made this printable to go with them.


I cut them up to fit my plastic goodie bags.



I filled the plastic bags with the Hershey Kisses and Spider Rings and folded the bag tags around the top of the bag and stapled them in place.



She was so excited to bring them to school and give them to her friends for her special day!

If you missed the link above, Click Here for the Free Printable “Bugs & Kisses” Bag Tags to make your own!


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