DIY Floral Monogram

DIY Floral Monogram

My daughter’s room is always a work in progress for me (a very fun work in progress for me!).  Right now it is “butterflies and flowers” (she has this bedding from Pottery Barn Kids and some butterfly decals above her bed) and the walls are light green.   I love it because it’s so “her” but  I’m always looking to add little accessories here and there.   She is very in to spelling her name lately (and telling me that every A she sees is for “Abby”) – so I decided to surprise her with a little floral monogram to spruce up her room!  This “A” really IS for “Abby”!

It is such a simple project that just looks way harder than it is!


I started with a Paper Mache letter I picked up from Michael’s and a bunch of different flowers (whatever is on sale will work!) 😉

I grabbed my glue gun and some white paint (you need very little paint) and got to work.


I painted the edges of the paper mache letter white since that part was not going to be covered up by flowers.


Once all the edges were painted and the paint was dry, I started pulling flowers and leaves off of the stems.

Then I started hot gluing the flowers and leaves on to the letter.

FullSizeRender-2 copy

I tried to place the darker pink flowers to outline the shape of the letter then added the green leaves  just as accents – if you don’t really have any order to your flowers and leaves, the monogram may turn out looking like a big floral blob with no real shape to it.

I just kept adding and gluing flowers until I was happy with it!

FullSizeRender-2 copy 2

And now it’s sitting on her dresser in her room!  She loves her special “A for Abby”!

floral A


If you do it with a letter that can’t stand up on its own, you can easily hang it on a wall with a single nail.

I think it would look awesome hanging as part of a gallery wall!  What do you think?!


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