“Mommy and Me” 4th of July Firework Flip Flops

flip flops

We are a week away from the 4th of July (where did the first half of this year go?!) and I really wanted to do something festive for Independence Day!  My daughter LOVES to match with me (I love it too!) and I had so much fun making these cute little festive flip flops with her – I couldn’t help but share it with you!

I got all my supplies from Hobby Lobby.  They had a HUGE selction of both kids and adult flip flops.  I opted for the white ones, because their red and blue ones weren’t quite the color I was looking for.

I also picked up red, white and navy blue tulle.


I cut the tulle into a bunch of 7″ pieces.  (I used about 20 pieces per flip flop for my shoes, and about 10 pieces per flip flop for my daughter’s.)


Then I took one piece of tulle and tied it onto the flip flop.  I double knotted it to make sure it stayed tight.


I repeated the process until the flip flop was full.


The 7″ pieces were a bit too long, so I gave the flip flop a little “hair cut” 😉  I would still recommend cutting the pieces to 7″ though, and then cutting it down when you’re done, because if you cut them any shorter, you’ll have a really hard time tying them on.

I did the same thing for the other flip flop, and for my daughter’s little pair.


Then they were ready to wear!

me and abby flip flops

me and abby wearing flip flops

me and abby on swing

abby in front of swing

She’s the best little model! 🙂

Hope you and your little one enjoy making these as much as we did!


Happy 4th of July!

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