Kid’s Table Makeover (with chalkboard paint!)

kids table makeover

We were given a cute little kid’s table and 2 chairs from a family friend as a “hand-me-down” a few weeks ago.  The table was very charming, but the paint was pretty warn.  The table itself was in excellent condition, so I decided it was a perfect candidate for a… MAKEOVER! 

I started by sanding everything down to prep it for the paint.  I also removed the backs of the chairs for an easier sanding and paint job.



I did most of the sanding outside (so I didn’t have to clean up the dust in my house!)

I picked up Chalkboard Paint and also Chalk Paint (actually, it was called “Chalky Finish” Paint, ha!) at Mendards.  Here are the 2 types of paint I used:


Once the table and chairs were all sanded down, they were ready to be painted!

FullSizeRender-2 copy

I used a small roller for the top of the table (the only place I used chalkboard paint).  For everything else, I used a brush.

Note: Chalk Paint is very different from ChalkBOARD paint.  Chalk paint gives a matte finish and is great to use because it adheres very well to surfaces with very little sanding!  Chalkboard paint will make your surface into a chalkboard 🙂

I painted the table top with Chalkboard Paint, and painted the legs of the table and both chairs with the white Chalk Paint.


Much better, right?!

My daughter can’t believe she is allowed to write on the table!

FullSizeRender-2 copy 2


Chalkboard paint is so fun!  It wipes clean with a wet paper towel, so you can start drawing all over again!

This was such a quick and easy DIY, plus the kids love it!  If you’re considering tackling a project with chalkboard paint, I would definitely recommend going for it.  You won’t regret it!

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