Wall Mounted Coat Rack With Hooks

Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Hooks

Living in a small(ish) house has it’s pros (less cleaning!) and it’s cons (less storage :/ ).   We use our front hallway closet as our main pantry and there is no other closet close to the door that we can use for coats.   We decided we needed to do something about it so we didn’t have to awkwardly put our guests’ coats on a chair or table in our living room every time we have people over.

My husband is quite the handy man, so when he agreed to help me make a coat rack for the main hallway, I was more than excited to start!  What a man!

We first ran to Menards for supplies.  We grabbed two 1x4s, cut to 5′ and 4′ and picked up some hooks.

We had some left over trim in our attic from our crown molding in our dining room and family room.

We started by sanding everything so it was nice and smooth.  Then we connected the two pieces of wood together using wood glue, reinforced by drilling holes and inserting  wooden dowel pegs.

Shelf - Joe Drilling Holes

Shelf - Unfinished in garage

I sanded the trim down, too.

Shelf - Sanding Trim

My husband cut the trim down to size.  He had to cut both sides on a 45 degree angle so that the trim could wrap around the sides of the wood.

Once we got the trim in place (with wood glue and nails), it was ready to paint!

Shelf - Painting

Once the paint was dry, we spaced our hooks out evenly and screwed them into place.

When we were ready to hang it, we found the studs in our wall and anchored in the coat rack to them so it was nice and sturdy.  We definitely don’t want this big thing going anywhere!

We found wooden plugs to cover the screws used to anchor the coat rack to the wall, and we painted them white, so they blended in.

coat rack

Ohhh, I just love it! <3 <3

And it will always be a special piece to me, since it was one of the first projects my husband and I tackled together.   <3


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