(Easy!) Sherbet Mimosa


sherbet mimosa pic

If you’re looking for a super easy (super fun!) and refreshing drink to impress your wonderful Momma for Mother’s Day, honestly – try this!   I made it for a party last weekend, and it was a huge hit!  Everyone loved it and was asking for the recipe – they were all so surprised when they found out how simple it is!

You’ll only need to grab a few things to make it:

  • Champagne
  • Sherbet (I used Raspberry and it was delish! I also feel like sorbet would work too)
  • Fresh Berries

Start by putting a couple scoops of sherbet into a wine glass.

Sherbet in wine glass

Toss in some fresh berries.

sherbet and fresh berries

Top with champagne and garnish with a berry.


I mean seriously….  yum.   It was SO good and SO easy!

Your mom will love it…  I promise!

And for all you mother’s out there… Treat yourself!  😉  You deserve it!

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