Superhero First Birthday

Superhero First Birthday

My son recently turned one (still trying to figure out how that happened?!) and we always get our family together for ours kids’ birthdays every year.  Since my kids have several young cousins that come to the parties, I always try to do a little theme to make it fun for the kids (and who am I kidding?!  I love a good themed party, too!)  I decided to go with a “Superhero” theme for his First Birthday – and did a few easy DIYs along the way!

My brother (who happens to be an animator and graphic designer) made my son into a superhero:


Seriously, I cannot get enough.  So. Amazing.

So I printed out a bunch of these bad boys, hot glued them to toothpicks and used them as cupcake toppers.


They were a HUGE hit – everyone got a kick out of them!

For the girls, I made them each their own “Supergirl” Hairbow:

FullSizeRender copy

Here’s how to make these fun and festive hairbows:

hairbow steps

  1. Cut out 6 circles (for each bow) from your desired fabric
  2. Fold the circle in half (like a taco)
  3. Take the right side and fold the edge up to the middle of your half circle
  4. Take the left side fold the edge back so it make sort of like a fan – dab hot glue at the base so that your little fan stays put.  Make 6 of these for each bow.

Glue all 6 pieces to a little piece of felt,  then hot glue whatever kind of hair clip you want to the back of the felt piece.


For the boys, I made Superhero Masks.


I didn’t take pictures of this process (blogger fail!).  It was easy, though, so I’ll try to explain:

I found cheap cheap cheap plastic masks at the party store and sprayed them with Spray Adhesive.  Then, I applied the Superhero Fabric (I found all the fabric at Joann’s) to the adhesive on the mask.  I cut out the fabric along the outline of the mask, leaving about a half inch around the edge.  I took my hot glue gun, folded the excess fabric over the back of the mask and hot glued it down so it stayed secure.  I cut out the holes for the eyes last.  It was seriously SO easy, and the kids loved them!

I used (<— So many FREE awesome fonts) to find a superhero font (Pauls SUPER Font is the one I used) to make name tags for the kids’ goodie baskets.

FullSizeRender copy 2


I picked up random superhero Dollar Store toys, candy, and literally whatever I could find that was cheap and had anything to do with a superheroes and put it in the goodie baskets for the kids.  I found these baskets in Target’s Dollar Spot for $3 each! You can barely buy a paper gift bag for $3!  So exciting.

So all in all, I think the birthday boy had a “SUPER” first birthday 😉 and it was so fun to put together!

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  1. Shirley Wood says:

    Such a cute party. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Merry Monday. We hope you’ll come to the new party. We’re celebrating our anniversary with a big Giveaway.

    • The Cofran Home says:

      Thank you! I always love Merry Monday – such great inspiration! I’ll definitely check out your new party! Thanks! 🙂

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