DIY “What a Difference a Day Makes” Wall Art

What a difference a day makes


I asked my brother to create a print like this after my daughter was born.  He made me a super cute printable that I had hanging in my house for 2 years….  until my son was born.   I felt super bad walking past it every time because it didn’t have his birthday on it.  (I guess I didn’t feel THAT bad, since I’ve waited almost a year to do something about it…   But, hey.)

I didn’t want to ask my brother to make me another one (even though he would’ve done it in a heartbeat) so I decided to do something myself.  

I used the same frame that my old one was hanging in, and I used basically the same supplies I had leftover from my DIY Personalized Wall Calendar project.  Fabric and paint markers – seriously, that’s it!


I started by making a stencil that I could work with on my computer.  I picked fonts that I liked, and laid out the dates and everything else how I wanted it, then printed it out.

The dates I used went in this order (from top to bottom):  My husband’s birthday, my birthday, our wedding anniversary, my daughter’s birthday, my son’s birthday

Side note:  If you’re looking for fun FREE fonts, be sure to head over to  They honestly have like… a MILLION to pick from, and most of them are free.  Like, 100% free.  It’s amazing.


I had to tape a couple pieces together because my design was too big for one piece.

After I had my design printed, I taped it to the back of the glass on my frame.

FullSizeRender copy

Then, I traced the design onto the glass with paint markers.

FullSizeRender copy 2

After I had everything just the way I liked it, I took my fabric and wrapped it around the backing of the picture frame.  I secured it with hot glue to make sure it would stay tight and not wrinkle.


That’s it!

How cute would this be for a baby gift, anniversary gift or birthday gift?!


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