Easy DIY Valentines

Easy DIY Valentines

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!  Looking for projects to do with your little ones to celebrate?   I have 2 fun (and easy) ones!

I did these with my kids, and they had a blast.

Grab some Heart Shaped Doilies and follow the instructions below!


Heart Doily Envelopes

Envelope Instructions

  1. Pick a heart doily
  2. Flip the heart upside down and fold the bottom up
  3. Take the ends and fold them in towards the middle
  4. Fold the top down and add an embellishment  to completed the envelope

My kids thought it was so fun to write little “notes” to their valentines and deliver them in these cute little envelopes!


Heart Doily Picture Frame Valentines

Heart Picture Frame

  1. Pick a doily
  2. Cut out the middle
  3. Cut your picture to fit the opening and glue the frame around it

My kids personalized (drew pictures, wrote their names, scribbled etc.) the backs of the pictures before we mailed them out to family members.  They had fun adding their personal touches.

They really had a great time doing these!  I hope you do too!



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