How to Style Bookshelves

How to style bookshelves

I looove to decorate.  I could stay home and restyle my mantel, shelves, table centerpieces, pillows…. all. day.  I just love it.

Our built-in bookshelves in our master bedroom is one of my favorite spots in our house, and I often get asked how I style it (it’s always a work in progress).  So, I’d love to share some guidelines that I use for myself when styling them in hopes of giving you some inspiration, too!

1.)  Layers, layers, layers.  I love layering.  I think it adds depth and interest.  Don’t feel like you need to over do it, because then it may start to look cluttered, but subtle layers will really bring your shelf to life.   The vase on top of a small pile of books, the arrow slightly in front of the ampersand, and the perfume bottle in front of it’s box are some examples of layers that I used in the shelves in our master bedroom.

2.) Book placement.  Try spreading out the books instead of stacking them all in one place.  Also, try to stand some up vertically, and lay some down horizontally.  These will make for great bases for your layers. 😉

3.) Storage.  You can never have too much storage!  A wicker basket or a cute box is the perfect place to store those books that may not be pretty enough to display, but you still want at arms reach.   It also adds texture and variety to your shelves.  A win-win!

4.)  Keep it simple.  Less is more.  I love a simple, clean look.  I feel like when I try to fill the whole shelf, it looks cluttered and forced.

5.) Use objects you love.  This may seem like common sense, but by incorporation things you love, you’ll enjoy the space so much more.  I displayed our college diplomas on the shelf and every time I look at them, I remember how much both my husband and I have accomplished.  And pictures of my kids… well that goes without saying.  It all makes me happy.






So there ya go.

I would love to hear some of your tips on styling, too!



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