The Rudolph Sock Bun

The Rudolph Sock Bun Pic

This is such a cute and fun way to dress up your little girl (or yourself?) for a Christmas Party (or Ugly Sweater Party?)  It’s super easy – so just follow the instructions below!

What you’ll need:

  • A sock (or hair donut) to make the bun
  • 2 brown (or gold) pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • A red pom pom
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hot glue gun

Start by making a bun with your sock or hair donut.


Then take 3 bobby pins and hot glue on the googly eyes and the red pom pom (one on each bobby pin).


Then take your brown pipe cleaners and wrap them around the bun.  Twist the ends to however you want the antlers to look.  Stick in the bobby pins with the eyes in on the top of the bun, and stick in the bobby pin with the red pom pom in the center of the bun.




And you’re done!  I think it’s hilarious and adorable.  Hope you enjoy it too!


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