DIY Personalized Christmas Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornament

This project is SO easy and cute for a quick gift or even just to hang on your own tree!

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic or glass clear ornaments
  • Wallet size pictures
  • Fishing line (or clear string)
  • Any decorative items you want for the outside of the ornament (I used glittery bows)
  • Double sided tape
  • Ribbon or hook (to hang the ornament on the tree)
  • This PDF Print Out

ornaments and bows

I started with my PDF print out and my wallet size photos.


First, I cut out the “2015” circle and used that for a template on my wallet size photos.   I traced the circle onto my wallet size photo, then cut that out, too.

Next, I removed the metal top off my glass ornament.

I then cut a few inches of the fishing line and fed it through the top of the metal top of the ornament.  There are 2 holes on the top of the ornament so you’ll feed one end through one hole and the other end through the other end.  It ends up making like an upside down “u”.

Once the fishing line was through the top, I used my double stick tape to stick the picture to the front of the fishing line, and the “2015” circle to the back of the fishing line.



I cut off the excess fishing line that was sticking through the bottom of the circle.  Then I rolled up the picture and 2015 circle (picture side out) and inserted them into the clear glass ornament.  The metal top went right back onto the ornament when the picture went in, since they were attached.

Before I put the metal top completely back on, I put a pen through the top of the ornament to try to smooth the picture out since it was still a little rolled up. (I found that using thinner paper, like regular computer paper, for the back works best to keep it as flat as possible when it unrolls in the ornament. Thick paper tends to stay more rolled up)

Then I put the glitter bow around the metal part of the ornament, and attached a ribbon through the top so it can hang on a tree (a hook would work too).

Ornaments finished

back of ornament

This would be cute if you wanted a Christmas ornament with your pet on it, or a picture of the kids with Santa would work well too!

Hope this helps knock out a few Christmas gifts for you this year!



4 thoughts on “DIY Personalized Christmas Ornaments

  1. Kela Campbell says:

    Mary, darling ornaments. Wondered if you have seen these personalized Zip code pillows? I bought one for Claire and Rob for their new house, thought they were darling. Great house warming gift! Thought I would share, cute idea, maybe you can somehow do a craft to make it yourself, (stencil?) You are soooo creative!! Sending love to your Mom. I think about all her wonderful Christmas Cookies she use to make, is she still baking like that?

    1x Zip Code Pillow Cover with Zip Code, City and State – White / Blue

    Sent from my iPad


  2. The Cofran Home says:

    I have not seen the Zip Code pillows – but they sound adorable! Thanks for the kind words. Always good to hear from you!
    My mom is still baking – It’s dangerous to have her cookies around during the holidays! They are so hard to resist!

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