Dollhouse Rehab


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Victorian Style Dollhouses.  I think they’re so beautiful…. they’re just SO expensive!

I was searching online for dollhouses for my daughter, feeling bad because they were all SO much money.  I definitely couldn’t justify spending several hundred dollars on a dollhouse for a 3 year old…

THEN I happened to look on Craigslist (I never do) and found an unfinished Victorian(ish) Style dollhouse!  Even better… the price was $40!   AMAZING!  I contacted the seller and arranged a pickup.

I was SO nervous because I had never made a Craigslist purchase, and have heard numerous horror stories.  But still… I had to risk it for such a glorious deal.   When I got there, the lady selling it (who was beyond nice) told me she found a couple missing shingles and a couple cracks on the house, so she would give it to me for $30!  Am I dreaming!?   I happily put the house in my car and immediately got to work.



Isn’t it beautiful?  I started by gluing pieces that were lose and cracked, and sanded the entire thing.

Here was my inpiration:


My husband and I had just recently painted our mailbox, and had some paint leftover, we also had some white trim paint from other home projects, and espresso stain for the roof.  I used red acrylic paint, that I already had, for the shutters.  I figured since it was such a small space, I could make acrylic work.  We really didn’t need to buy anything other than the actual house for this project (Score!)


It was time to get to work.  I stained the roof first, then I painted the base of the house.  I left the details for last (shutters and trim).


The base of the house took 2 coats of paint.  The roof took 2 coats of stain.   The shutters took 2 coats of red paint.   Then I was ready to start the trim.


The trim took a LONG time, but it was worth taking my time on.  I loved how it turned out and more importantly, my daughter plays with it everyday!   I’m hoping when my daughter gets a little older, we can tackle the interior rehab of this dollhouse together!

Dollhouse Front

Dollhouse Rehab


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