Rustic Fall Centerpiece


I am always looking for new ways to refresh the decor in my house.  I’ve found that a great way to revamp a room is to change the centerpiece for each season.

Here is a really easy way to give your table a new look!

What you’ll need (I had most of these things in my house, but you can find literally everything on this list at Hobby Lobby):


  • A tall glass vase
  • A shorter glass vase (I used a mason jar.)
  • Flowers (Fake, of course.  I have a serious brown thumb.)
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Twine
  • Gourds/pumpkins/leaves
  • Wood slice (Hobby Lobby does have these, but for a cheaper option you can politely ask your husband to slice off the top of a log.)  😉
  • Candles
  • Glue Gun

First I cut a piece of the burlap ribbon, wrapped it around the base of the taller vase and glued the ends down to secure it.  Next, I wrapped the twine around the mason jar and the vase with burlap.  Here what they looked like when I was done:


That’s basically all you have to do!  So easy, right? The only thing left to do is arrange the remaining pieces on the wood slice.




…And you’re done!

I think this would also be cute with white pumpkins.  Another option would be to change up the flowers with sunflowers or any other colors that will fit in your house.  You can really cater this piece to your own taste – that’s what makes it fun!

I hope this was able to give you a little inspiration to spruce up your own table!

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