DIY Perfume Bottle Flower Arrangements

DIY Perfume Bottle Flower Arrangements

I’ve had my empty old perfume bottles sitting on the shelves of my closet for a while now.  I always feel bad throwing them away because they are so pretty, so I put them in my closet and let them sit on my shelves.  I recently cleaned out my closet, and was forced to make a decision – to keep them or to toss them?  Continue reading

DIY End Tables

DIY End Tables with text

Joe (my husband) and I were on the hunt for end tables for our living room for literally… years!  We could not find anything that we absolutely LOVED,  so we started talking and decided to take on the project to make our own!  We had just finished our Coat Rack With Hooks and really enjoyed doing projects together, so we thought…  why not?  It couldn’t be that hard, right??  😉    And it actually turned out to be a lot of work fun! Continue reading

DIY Guide to Hosting a Bachelorette Party

DIY Guide to Bachelorette

My beautiful cousin is getting married in June and we recently had her bachelorette party in Nashville.  She’s grown up like a sister to me, and I was honored to be picked as her maid of honor!  I was so excited to host the bachelorette party (you know I love a good party) and wanted to make it a memorable one for her.   Continue reading